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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's something that is a common complaint amongst most of my friends, it appears that time goes by faster as we age.  I met Angi while I was a sophomore in college,  she was a sorority sister, great friend and roommate...so let me do the math.  Wow, that was 16 years ago!   

I had a brief but interesting conversation with a friend this week.  His theory on this phenomenon is that time is relative, maybe Einstein proved that:)  When you’re five years old, a year is a FIFTH of your life. That’s a huge amount of your known time. But when you’re fifty years old, that same year is a FIFTIETH of your life. That’s a much smaller chunk of your time on earth. So it seems to go by faster.

However, I believe that when we’re young, and almost everything is new and interesting, much more information has to get processed in the brain. Your first time seeing the ocean, your first day of school, your first kiss, etc. all stimulate our senses and flood our brains with a deluge of previously unknown information.

Because the "processing" of all new information and experiences takes time,  doing things that have become routine — like driving to work every day — don’t require any new processing, and the experience seems to go by quickly. Since I found our discussion interesting, I did a little web research on others opinions and found that some researchers note, it appears the brain is wired in such a way that when we learn something for the first time, the experience itself appears to take more time.  They note that when most people think of early childhood experiences which are deeply etched in memory, even the act of remembering or reliving them appears to go in slow motion.

However, I can't seem to find a perfect explanation as to why time seems to accelerate as we get older. But I for one can testify to the fact that this phenomenon is disturbingly real. Don't we all wish that time would stop racing away from us at such an unmerciful pace!

Angi, Kenny and Jackson were a pleasure to photograph and have already expressed an interested in another session because this was actually 4 months ago.  Wow, time flies, hehehe.


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