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Monday, March 14, 2011

I just love when people bring their pets to sessions.  It wasn't until about 7 years ago that I experienced what it was like to be in love with an animal.  I can remember like it was yesterday, when we showed up at the breeders home to make the selection of which dog was going to be the next member of our family.  About 8 floppy eared puppies came running toward us, yet one stayed strong and positioned right along side his mother.  His loyalty was remarkable and without hesitation he made the cut.  So off we drove with an 8 week old, 13lb puppy!  I must say along the bumpy road of being a pet owner it wasn't always glory.  He ate a hot tub, chewed through French doors, ate a living room chair and actually I could go on forever on what he destroyed.  However, Arnold, a 155lb Rottweiler, knew how to interact with people without overacting to them.   His monstrous size, playful demeanor and soft eyes drew attention no matter where we were.  He was admired by many on our neighborhood walks, at the dog park and dressed in costumes at birthday parties; yet he made the biggest impact in my son's life.   Arnold and Logan had an undeniable bond.  We often read to him the Good Dog Carl books and those stories could have been wrote by someone observing our life. 


Unfortunately in August 2010, we lost Arnold to diabetes.  He responded very poorly to insulin and his 155lb physique diminished to 80lbs in a matter of months, he lost control of his bladder, use of this legs and then the night of Logan's 5th birthday party, lost his sight.  It was a hard decision to make but it was time for him to rest. 


In December 2010, Logan was diagnosed with Autism.  The actual label was devistating and it took sometime to accept this happened to my son.  But I had always known that something wasn't right but when you really don't want to believe something, it's easy to look past it.  The longer that Arnold has been gone the more I realize what he meant to Logan, he did wonders for his confidence level and he was a constant companion. I hope to have another pet someday with the spirit and capacity to love as much as Arnold. 


I was glad Devan brought her dog to the session.  She brought her mom and sister along to and it made for a fun day!


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