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Monday, March 28, 2011

Do your eyes light up?  I think for me there is something about a curly hair 5 year old little boy that makes me smile.  Maybe it's because I have a special curly hair 5 year old of of my own:) 


I once watched an Oprah interview with Toni Morrison in which she said a true test of maternal love is whether 'your eyes light up' each time your child enters the room.  After watching that interview, I couldn't help to notice that with both of my children after any amount of time I'm away from them, the first moment I see them,  I see the beautiful light in their eyes, and the same is reflected back in mine.


I recently read a book, The Wisdom of Your Child’s Face, it was based upon the latest discoveries in our Western understanding of child development.  The author was incredibly insightful and I was surprised to learn that the most important thing a child needs from his or her parents is not heaps of praise, and not even frequent “I love you’s,” though of course those things are essential.  But in fact, the single most powerful predictor of a child’s happiness and success in life is how much they feel recognized and understood by their parents.  To me, this is what’s happening when a parent’s eyes light up at the sight of their child.

And I don’t think that need ends with childhood.  I think the people who we feel most connected with and loved by are the ones who recognize us for who we really are, without layers of judgment, and without conditional love, which has strings attached.

This isn’t always easy to achieve.  We all have different personalities, different patterns of perception and behavior, and these can really affect our ability to feel that pure love for and acceptance of another person.  We misunderstand why someone in our lives is behaving as they are, or has the needs that they do. And over the years, these tiny misperceptions can build on themselves, until that light in the eyes goes out.  

Photographing people will always be my passion.   The only thing measurable to having that type of connection with your family is having the proof hanging on your wall. 


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