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Chelsey {Louisville Senior Photographer}

Monday, May 24, 2010


I think the thing that I enjoyed most about spending time with Chelsey and capturing her senior portraits (other than her natural beauty) was that some of the places where we shot had great significance to her and her family.  I love photographing families on their front porch, in their home or in their backyard and just doing the things that signify "your everyday life". 


I have always felt that the everyday life is what you remember most as an adult.  I know for me when I think of my family....one of my favorite memories was my mom, dad and brother sitting at the kitchen table eating dinner and as I took a bite from my corn on the corb, the butter squirted across the table and landed right in my brother's eye. We all laughed hysterically.


Chesley chose her highschool, the St. Joseph's Grotto and wanted pictures with her pet.....all three were important to her and her family. 

When you ask children whom they admire, they often talk about their parents.

Another surprise was I asked kids what they were going to remember most from this period in their life, and I asked parents to guess what the kids would say. And parents almost always guess the big event, the vacation, the wonderful family reunion, you know, the five-star kind of family thing. And kids talked about the very small, everyday rituals and traditions that say to them "We're a family." So those everyday things that we do really matter a lot.

One child talked about that when she came down the stairs to go to school, her dad said, "You go, tiger, you go get them," and that was what she was going to remember most from being a young person. Another child talked about being in bed and the wake-up song -- this was not a little kid. But his mother always sang a wake-up song, and that's what he was going to remember most. ... That says to parents, "Have those rituals, have those traditions. Those are important, even with teens."   Ellen Galinsky, http://www.familiesandwork.org/

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