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Look sick to you?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I have had a hectic few days.  Yesterday I get a call from Logan’s daycare informing me he has a temperature and we need to come and pick him up.  He has been battling a chronic low grade fever for the past few days but luckily he loves these and it quickly eliminates the problem.  Due to the fact his fever had gone on for a few days we knew we needed to take him to see the doctor.  They squeezed him in yesterday afternoon, by the way, he has some of the most wonderful doctors in the city.  But his diagnosis was a right ear infection, upper respiratory infection and fluid on his left ear, that they want to monitor more closely.  Unfortunately, tubes may be in his future.  He may have inherited my bad ears.  I had constant fluid retention on my left ear and had, and continue to have, tubes in my left ear.  Children are so resilient because you most certainly would have never thought he was sick, I walked in his room last night and he was dancing around in his rain boots (on the wrong feet of course).  When he saw me he said “umm some bapple juice, peezz”.  His baby talk is just so sweet. 

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