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Di "egg" O Easter

Monday, March 24, 2008

Let's just say Logan had a Diego Easter.  I think his fascination with Diego started with him having to wear big boy pants a.k.a. pull-ups at school.  Logan came home his first day from his new school asking to watch Diego.  Thank goodness for On Demand T.V., I am not sure what we would do without PBS Sprout and Nick Jr.  As you can see it looks like he got plenty of fun Diego stuff. 


The Easter bunny made two stops one to our house and one to his Mimi’s.  Not to mention his Grandma Bush brought him a Diego DVD, pajamas and spider man washcloth and towel.  I hope he continues to like Diego at least longer than a week:) 



Here is Logan’s cute easter bunny he made in class.   It lost an ear on the ride home:)  While my mom watched Logan for me the night of my baptism she and Logan colored Easter eggs, they turned out really nice.

Class_bunny_2 Picture_203_2

Logan really loves these candy necklaces so the Easter bunny brought him a few. I remember as a kid loving them too until I did the same thing Logan is doing here and the necklace snapped and smacked me in the face.  Some childhood memories you never forget.


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