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Canine Americans. Does size matter?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

No.  Can you guess which dog rules? I often talk about our dogs, Arnold and Oscar, but unless you meet them you could not understand their relationship, or their personality, words just can’t explain them.  My best attempt is Scooby and Scrappy, guess which one is scared of the vacuum…you guessed it, Arnold.  Granite, when push comes to shove, Arnold can shove a little harder but it never has to escalate to that unless Oscar picks a fight at the dog park. Arnold’s massive 155 lbs physique not only intimidates people but scares most dogs into submission.  Do I ever get scared he will hurt Logan?  No. The rottweiler breed is a phenomenal family pet if trained.  Arnold is very obedient and socialized, just like the children’s books, Good Dog Carl!.   Even at one point Chuck was thinking of getting involved in the therapy dog program.


Picture_040_copy Picture_020_copy_copy_3

Doesn’t Oscar look nice?  I purchased a pet clipper kit last week and decided to see if I could achieve the same great look he gets from the groomer.  I cut Chuck’s hair and attempt to snip a few lockets of Logan’s hair on occasion so why give Oscar preferential treatment:) Each time I picked Oscar up from the groomer the cost seemed to be getting higher.  Since, Oscar isn’t a show dog and unfortunately he most of the time goes unnoticed (Arnold steals the attention on walks and every where we take them, I feel so sorry for Oscar, people stop us all the time and ask if they can pet Arnold, have his puppies, and what breeder he was purchased from.  In the dog world, Arnold is a rockstar) Anyway, I thought I would give it a try.  Well now I can add “pet groomer” to my life description.

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